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THE PLANETS - 2000 and Beyond

A look at our new album and the CD-ROM it appears in

This performance of Gustav Holst's extraordinary orchestral suite, THE PLANETS, marks the 80th anniversary of its creation. Combining acoustic and electronic instrumentation with state of the art digital recording, this futuristic performance brings the popular work into the 21st century. As we approach the year 2000, Brad Spitz and Bryan Tari proudly announces their creation of, “THE PLANETS - 2000 and Beyond”, complete with an original movement for PLUTO, introduced by Spitz and Tari.

“THE PLANETS - 2000 and Beyond”© is featured in "NINE WORLDS.", an interactive multimedia production from Palladium Interactive based on the best selling video”THE PLANETS” hosted by Patrick Stewart of Star Trek®-The Next Generation®. "NINE WORLDS." offers an entertaining, historical, scientific perspective of our solar system as we know it.

“THE PLANETS - 2000 and Beyond”© uses some of the most interesting combinations of classical instruments and electronic textures pushing the envelope of modern music and sound. Let “THE PLANETS - 2000 and Beyond”© take you on a journey of our solar system unlike you’ve ever heard before...

Spitz and Tari’s, “THE PLANETS - 2000 and Beyond”© soundtrack is
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Listen to an excerpt from URANUS from "THE PLANETS - 2000 and Beyond" and used in "Nine Worlds"

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